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1. How do I select a good kennel for my pets?

Before boarding your pet, we strongly recommend pet owners to visit and tour the boarding facility.  Insist on seeing the kennel area where your pet would be staying.  Are the kennels and surrounding areas clean?  Ask the owners and staff questions about your concerns.  Do they appear friendly and knowledgeable? Be sure all staff you meet has the best intentions for your pet.

2. What is required when checking in my pet?

1. The most important item to bring is proof of current vaccinations from your vet.  This includes Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Kennel Cough.  No pet is allowed to enter our boarding facilities without current vaccinations.

2. We would also like to know your itinerary with phone numbers while your pet is boarding.  We want to be able to reach you in case we have a question regarding the care of your pet.  As a last resort, we will take the number of a family member or friend, but our preference is to be able to reach you directly. If you will be out of the country and cannot be reached by phone we may also ask for your e-mail.

3. While entering and exiting the kennel, your dog must be on a leash and under your control at all times.

3. Can I bring my pet's personal bedding?

For sanitary reasons we ask that you let us provide bedding for your pet.  We provide a thick rubber mat along with our own very comfortable machine washable lambswool type bedding.  We would be happy to show you upon request. If you must bring bedding for your pet we require it to be labeled in permanent marker. We will NOT accept comforters or dog beds.

4. Can I bring toys and treats for my pet?

Yes, we encourage you to bring 1 or 2 toys and treats for your pet.  We do have a "no rawhide" policy but have dog friendly treats available in our lobby display.

5. Do I NEED to bring my pet's own food?

No, we provide everything that is necessary to feed your pet including high quality dry and moist foods.  All stainless steel food and water bowls are also provided.  You need to provide the food if your dog is on a special or veterinarian prescribed diet.  Please provide food in resealable bags, no more than what your pet will eat while boarding.  No containers or bags of food will be accepted.

6. Is there someone on the premises to care for my pet in the evening, weekend, and holidays?

Our staff is on duty and tending to our canine and feline guests 7 days a week, including holidays.
The owners also live on the premises, and  have security cameras  to monitor your pets. 

7. What happens when there is an emergency medical problem?

We rely on several excellent veterinarians that are close in proximity to our facility, along with an emergency facility that is open all night and on holidays.  We treat every guest as we would our own and will provide them with the best attention available.

8. Is the kennel area heated and air conditioned?

We have zoned heating system for the winter and zoned air conditioning for the summer along with fans and air exchangers.  Your dog or cat will stay comfortable despite the weather outside.  In colder weather, dogs are closed in at night so that they will stay warm and draft free.  We also have radiant heat in the floors of the kennel to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

9. I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?

Yes, as long as your dogs will get along together, they can share the same indoor/outdoor run.  We have three different size runs and will select the one best suited to your dogs.  You can indicate your preference when you make your reservation or when you tour the facility.

10. My dog does not like to potty when confined in his run. Will this be a problem?

No, the runs are checked and cleaned several times a day.  If we notice that your dog is not going potty in his run, we will make sure your pet is placed in the play yard a few times a day to do his business and that his/her kennel is clearly marked so all staff knows potty time is required.

11. Will my pet come home with fleas?

No, we do not send pets home with fleas.  Upon check in, pets are inspected thoroughly.  If fleas or evidence of them are found, we bathe them (at owners expense) prior to entering the kennel or cattery.  We also have certified groomers on staff that can groom or bathe your pet.

 12. Do you provide pick-up and delivery services?

Yes.  Charges are based on travel distance and need to be scheduled in advance.

13. When is your kennel open?

We are open Monday through Saturday, 9:00am - 5:00pm and Sundays 9:00am - 11:00am.  We can accommodate emergency drop off or late pick-up after hours.  There is a fee for this service and should be requested in advance when possible.


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